The meetings are on Thursday evenings at 6:00 for youngsters and about 7:00 for adults.  We try to be out before 9:00.  School aged may leave early.

​We meet in room 215 on the second floor of the education building.  We have lots of parking on the south side of the Church.  Call562 644 1604 or 562 644 1605 when you have parked.  We will help you from there.  Call if you have questions.

I want to build a Robot.

What do I do next?

This is a PowerPoint is about how to get started in robot building.  If you do not want to buy an expensive kit or you just don't know what is needed, this may help.


Electronics Projects and Sensors

Education and robot projects


10801 Downey AvenueDowneyCA 90241, USA


New links for books, websites and robot stuff in the Library.  The RSSC page has robot parts sources and the Downey Robot Club has texts.

Downey UMC

Robotics Club

RSSC Robotics

Construction Informatrion

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